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About the Japanese hair razor Takai Two in One:

Light and ergonomic, the Two-in-One is the tool for all your technical needs. Its Duo blades are patented for their lifespan, which is double that of classical blades.

Inox Razor + 10 Two In One blades

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Two in One blades assure quality thinning and are interchangeable. Their replacement is done safely, thanks to the dispenser provided with the box of ten blades.

Ensuring safety, reliability and practicality, Takai's Two in One barber razor can be used without risk of injury.

A specific feature of the Two in One is its metallic comb. The blade support is has teeth on both sides, so you can cut over or under the strand, with the movement going up or down the hair. The Two In One can be used by both left- and right-handed stylists.

An original feature of the Two In One is its Duo blades. Patented for their lifespan, which is double that of classical blades, they assure quality thinning. They are interchangeable and their replacement is done safely, thanks to the dispenser provided with the box of ten blades.

Ergonomically designed and light, the Two In One is the tool for all of your technical needs.

About Takai Technology :

"Precious" and "rare" are words that signify Takai. Our philosophy, expressed by the Takumi label, represents "skill", "aptitude" and "dexterity," the manual qualities that are also those of a creative artisan hairstylist.

We invite you to discover the universe of high-technology Japanese cutting razors.

Our expertise: Between innovation and tradition
Technological innovation for the selection of the best steel, ergonomic design with Computer Aid Design software that digitally reproduces the hand and production of models by digitally controlled machines.

Respect for traditional sharpening and polishing techniques, done entirely by hand by our professional scissors sharpeners.  An ancestral and meticulous technique, Hamaguri sharpening is a succession of 7 sharpening angles for an extreme cutting edge and a unique softness in the cut.

Takai’s Commitment
The demand for quality is vital in the creation of our beard and hair cutting razors and we pay the same attention to the service we deliver.

All of our creations are identified by an engraved serial number to guarantee you personalized and precise customer service.

All models come with two free sharpenings with check-ups for an unlimited period of time. These include checking the points and blade curvature, readjusting the handles and possibly replacing parts.

If you drop your barber razor, don’t worry. Our expertise enables us to restore your favorite tool.

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